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Buy Used Cars - Car Finance

Many of us cannot imagine buying a car, if down payment was the only option. But, the car finance options have made our task easier by helping us realize our dreams. You can use this facility to make payment for your car. Whether you are planning to purchase a new car or a used car seems to be the only possibility, you can seek the help of financing companies for better deals.

There is a large number of financing sources available in India. You can approach auto finance companies, credit unions, banks or loan brokers for the desired options. Customers usually prefer auto financing institutions over other sources. These companies provide cost-effective solutions.

Buy Used Cars - Car Finance Schemes

The finance schemes which offer loans at low interest rates are most sought-after. Apart from this, you need to look at a set of other integral points for best results.
Some of these are :

  • Banks offer 85% reimbursement for used cars
  • Public sector banks offer financial help at lower rates of interest
  • Interest rate is calculated on monthly basis
  • Salaried professionals can get bank loan for up to 3 times of the annual income
  • Self employed individuals can get bank loan for up to 6 times of the annual

Buy Used Cars - Car Finance Companies

India’s automobile industry is tracking growth chart. To sustain and escalate this growth trend, the industry experts are devising a number of customer-friendly ways. Finance plays a major role when it comes to buying or selling a car. Hence, the experts have come up with excellent car financing solutions for the convenience of customers.
Some of the top automobile finance companies in India that are worth considering include:

  • The Financial Services Company of Fiat
  • Ford Credit Kotak Mahindra Ltd.
  • Standard Chartered Bank - India
  • Kotak Mahindra Primus Ltd.
  • HDFC Bank Ltd.
  • Citicorp Maruti
  • Tata Finance Ltd.
  • Citibank