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Buy Used Cars

Car - a status symbol or need? No doubt, it was a matter of pride in earlier times to own a car. However, the world has changed and so have our thoughts, ideas and needs. Things are happening at a mouse-click speed. Everyone is busy saving time. To remain in this race, one always has to look for two factors - comfort and convenience. Had it been the same time, you may not have even given a thought to buy a car. But, innovative minds and technology have helped thousands of eyes to see dreams and pursue it, if not for the sake of luxury only. The concept of buying used-car is fast gaining grounds in India with large consumer base. To know about what’s there and what’s not in this segment, you can browse BuyUsedCars for details.

Buy Used Cars in India

It’s a boom period for the automobile industry in India. Estimates show that over 2 million new cars are launched every year and with this, the figures are expected to soar further. Catching the pulse of the market, the automobile companies have started manufacturing cars of different range and sizes to meet diverse consumer needs.
Previously, Indian market was deemed to be suitable for small cars only. But, the success stories of luxury cars such as Ford Fiesta, Toyota Corolla and Honda City have changed the entire scenario. The car manufacturing companies have started focusing more on technologically enhanced features to gain market presence in India and overseas.
Generally, the starting price range of the cars is Rs.2 lac and can touch up to Rs 4 crores depending on choice and affordability. You can look for a variety in small concept cars and luxury cars. Both the segments are registering profits and are quite competitive.

Buy Used Cars

According to analysts, the Indian automobile industry has potential to become 3rd largest market, next to China and the US. The unprecedented growth in this segment is attributed to the rising disposable income of the consumers. Car production in India has remarkably increased to meet consumer demand.
Some of the finest car range that will be seen in the year 2010 – 2011, includes:

  • Toyota Etios
  • Volkswagen Polo
  • Chevrolet Beat
  • Skoda Superb
  • Ford Figo
Used Cars

Not many can afford to buy new cars! But, it does not mean that you cannot own a car. Nowadays, the Indian automobile market is abuzz with the concept of buying and selling used cars. The sector is growing considerably. There are reputed used car dealers who help you with the choices.
Some of the reliable online and offline used car dealership outlets in India are:

  • Maruti - A true value
  • Mahindra's Choice